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Hundreds of books have been examined, and correspondence has been carried on with scores of persons in official, scholastic, and social positions in order to obtain the forms submitted in this Dictionary of Titles. It is useless to name all the authorities consulted, but it may be said in a general way that every work of importance has been at hand. A critic of many years’ experience was engaged to visit the Library of Congress and the principal Federal departments in search of information, and to verify forms that had been suggested. The following works, among others, were referred to by the editor:

DeB. Randolph Keira’s Handbook of Official and Social Etiquette and
Public Ceremonies at l^Vashington.

How to Write Letters, by J. Willis Westlake, professor of English, Mil-
lersville, Pennsylvania.

Commercial Correspondence, by Carl Lewis Altmaier, of the Drexel Insti-
tute, Philadelphia.

Rhetoric in Practice, by Newcomer and Seward, of Stanford University.

Belding’s Commercial Correspondence.

The many decisions of F. Horace Teall, published in The Inland Printer.

Elements of Rhetoric, by G. R. Carpenter, of Columbia University.

Pliny’s Letters.

The Etiquette of Correspondence, by Helen E. Gavit.

The Paston Letters.

Knight’s Half Hours With Best Letter Writers.

Dante’s Eleven Letters.

Macaulay’s Life and Letters, by Trevelyan.

Henderson’s Ethics and Etiquette of the Pulpit.

Thomas’s Official and Social Etiquette of Washington.

The Yea and Nay of Correspondence Etiquette, by White and Wyckoff.

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